Why Should You Get A Protein Bar?

Always craving for a snack but you worry about the mess you’ll have and its repercussions to your diet? Reaching for a protein bar is the answer. However, you might still worry about its blandness and lack of that sugary goodness you look for in a snack.

Thankfully, you’ve got more healthy options now than ever, and protein bars aren’t what they were a decade ago. Here are top reasons why you should opt for bars to take your diet from good to great.

The Flavors Are So Much Better Now

When protein bars first filled the market shelves, your choices were chocolate and peanut butter, and they taste nothing like chocolate or peanut butter. They didn’t satisfy your cravings or your macros. The good thing is, times have changed!

Gone are the days when you had to choose between one that tasted like cardboard and was dry as chalk, or another that had sugar content rivaling any candy bar. Now the flavor choices are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Crisp, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Frosted Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Iced Brownie, and French Vanilla Almond, all with tastes that match their names. This is like an answered prayer for those with sweet cravings. Even better, they’ll stop you from getting into something far less healthy that could ruin an entire day of healthy eating.

Protein Bars Stop Hunger Pangs Before They Begin

One of the best remedies to hunger is to take in fiber, along with protein. Fiber slows down your body’s absorption of carbs and in turn helps regulate blood sugar. It is expansive and fills your stomach so you don’t get hungry as much as you normally would, and with many health benefits to boot. The recommended fiber intake is 14 grams of fiber per 1,000 calories in your diet, so look for a protein bar that contains many grams of dietary fiber per bar. Take note also that with only 4 grams of sugar per bar, you’ll avoid that blood-sugar spike and midday crash.

Well, Obviously, Because It Contains Protein

Some of you might think that it’s simple enough to just pump your plate with protein and keep eating till you fulfill the required protein amount if you’re looking to build muscle. It’s not as simple as that. Many of us simply don’t like eating Dr. Bro’s recommended daily allowance of chicken breasts, but not to worry, because there’s a whole lot of other protein options.

Protein bars, without the mess and cleaning demands of protein powders, are the solution if hitting a protein benchmark like 1 gram per pound of body weight or more is tough for you.  Munch on a bar when you’re craving a nibble, or on long car rides, or as a snack in between meals.

They’ll give you a big boost toward whatever number you’re trying to hit at 20 grams of protein per serving.

There’s More Than Just Protein and Fiber

Our bodies require calcium, too. If you want strong bones, leafy greens and milk are not the only calcium sources for your diet. Protein bars are a great source of calcium, providing 15 percent of your daily calcium intake.

What’s not in a treat matters almost as much as what is in there, so look for bars that are free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and even gluten.

They’re Compact and They Don’t Make a Mess

Other snacks we’ve prepared ourselves can often get spoiled before we’re supposed to eat them, spill in our gym bags, and decay when we’ve forgotten about it while we juggle between our job, friends, family, and fitness. Despite your best intentions, you won’t always have every meal present, accounted for, and perfectly seasoned. A protein bar easily fixes this.

Since they’re tiny, sealed, and the size of an average snack or a small meal, they can fit into just about any diet plan. Plus, they provide 200-250 calories a piece.  If you need more calories, then just have a nice fresh piece of fruit with one.

They’re Really, Really Convenient

When you’re trying to live a fitter life, convenience plays such a big role that can’t be underestimated. Protein bars don’t need preparation, can be stored anywhere, and are an easy single-serving solution to your nutrition problems. Just as vital as eating better meals, giving yourself consistent access to better quality snacks is also very important because your body needs enough fuel to burn calories and build muscle.

These protein bars also last for months, so there’s no need to keep replacing them day after day if you didn’t get to eat them. If you’re struggling to balance a busy schedule, stashing a box in your desk at work or in your gym bag can be a total lifesaver.

Get a protein bar now for your eternal quest to up your diet and fitness!