Top Foods For Maximum Energy Boost

Have you ever had a hard time focusing during meetings or other activities after a meal? How about feeling groggy or exhausted right after eating? Does it feel good?

Being unable to concentrate on tasks or not being able to enjoy quality time with your partner certainly doesn't lead to a happy day. The foods you eat can impact your productivity or the quality of your relationships. Eating the wrong food leads our body to respond with low energy and a moody mind.

Evaluate your daily nutrition and see if you're consuming good and easy sources of energy. When you feed your body the right fuel, you're body in turn responds positively. Here are five foods that are perfect for supplying the needed push you need to get through the day.


For sustained energy, provided that you don't have an allergic reaction to this, nuts are ever dependable. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, and the like provide a variety of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fat. Almonds contain more calcium than any other nut; walnuts are high in ALA, a type of omega-3 fatty acid; and peanuts are high in vitamin E and folate. To keep you from crashing after snacking, nuts that contain dietary fat helps your body use energy over a longer period of time.


When you meed the extra boost to make it through to the final hour, dark chocolate is the perfect treat for the end of the work day. It contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If you worry about the sugar content, there are low-sugar options available. No need to feel guilty about getting all the nutritional value. It also has just the right amount of caffeine to wake you up, without having any jitters.

Carry a chocolate bar anywhere, or keep small, single portions in your desk and eat just when you need that boost.


Dark leafy vegetables are a great source of fiber, which keeps things moving in your gut. If you have stomach problems, eating at least one serving of leafy greens per day greatly helps. There would also be no bloating, and it gives you more time to feel energized as well.

Aside from fiber, these veggies are high in vitamins. Some great examples are broccoli, cabbage, kale, and spinach. Eating at least 2-4 cups per week will let you fill the daily energy supply you need.


You can never go wrong with fruits if it's a boost you're looking for. If you have to complete a major project or have a long to-do list that needs to be accomplished by the end of the day, make it a habit to start your day with a juicy grapefruit or orange.

Fruits provide natural sugar which your brain and body loves. Citrus fruits specifically stimulate the sensory systems in your brain, thereby waking you up. Just the smell of a grapefruit or an orange sharpens your focus and enlivens your senses. Also try tangerines, mandarins, or bloody oranges.


One can never overstate the importance of water in your diet. A lot of people often forget or dismiss the necessity of staying hydrated. Not drinking enough water keeps your brain from performing in top shape. You can also add lemon slices to hot or cold water. This is a great way to harness the benefits citrus brings as you provide your body the hydration that it needs.

You'll never be disappointed when you incorporate these five foods in your daily diet, even better when coupled with your exercise routine. Soak up all those good stuff, then stretch, walk, run, or do yoga—every day. Doing this consistently will definitely help you feel lighter, happier, and more energized.