Important Reasons Why Weight Gainers are a Must

You might be here because no matter how much you lift weights, you don’t seem to gain weight or retain it, or simply because you are tired of your skinny body and you want to gain muscles you can be proud of. You could be here because you are very determined to reach your strength and muscle-building goals. Or maybe, you simply are curious as to how weight gainers work. Well, whatever your reasons, if you want an ‘edge’ to take your muscle building to a whole new level, then you’ve come to right place. The following are some important things to know about weight gainers and why you should consider using one.

Weight gainers help you meet your calorie requirement

Weight gainers are filled with rich nutrients that will help you in gaining weight by taking care of your calorie requirement. Meeting extreme calorie requirements that many men have proves to be incredibly trying, and weight gainers make it way easier. If you’re someone who feels as though they have to eat and eat and eat to put on any muscle mass whatsoever, or what we consider a “hard gainer”, there’s also a high chance that you’re someone who feels as though if you have to look at another plate of food, you may just be viewing your last one shortly after.

They provide you with a very easy way to consume the required number of calories in a hassle free, quick manner. It’s easier to reach your 4000+ calorie needs per day, since there are weight gainers available that pack in over a thousand calories per shake. To gain muscles not body fat you need to eat at a proper overall calorie intake and proper bulking macros to gain muscles not fat. You can definitely use weight gainers and fit the weight gainers into your bulking macros to gain muscles.

Weight gainers aid in helping you stay lean

Dietary fat is perhaps the greatest variable macronutrient in terms of what the implications are of the type you take in on the body, therefore it’s critical that you’re being sure to take in the correct from as often as possible. Many weight gainers come with a particular type of dietary fat that helps to keep you leaner while you go about the muscle-building process. Weight gainers are high-calorie supplements promoted to help you pack on the muscle. They contain varying amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat, plus vitamins, minerals, individual amino acids and other supplements such as creatine. When you’re working hard to build muscle, always keep your eye out for a weight gainer that contains medium chain triglycerides and as little saturated fat as possible.

Weight gainers are available in post workout and daily varieties

You can find ones that are designed to be taken either as meal replacements or as an addition to the meals you’re already eating to boost calorie levels up higher, or some that are more formulated for using closer to your workout.

The prime time to feed your muscles fast acting carbohydrates so they can drive the insulin cycle and get the amino acids into the muscle cells quickly is either before or after workout. If you’re hoping to use the weight gainer try looking for one that contains as little fat as possible and has a higher carbohydrate content. If you are going to add a higher calorie weight gainer shake, this is the time to do it, provided you are keeping fat intake lower. It is okay to try upping your calorie intake since at this point your body will make best use of them. Taking Weider’s Super Mega Mass 2000 that contains 530 calories, 103 grams of carbohydrates, 25 grams of protein, and only 2 grams of fat after a workout is a sure-fire strategy to get some serious growth happening.


Weight gainers help meet your creatine needs more effectively

Creatine is the perfect addition to most weight gainers because in order for creatine to work as effectively as possible, it’s vital to take in a higher amount of quick acting carbs, which is what many weight gainers are made out of. If you do notice some initial water weight gain when first starting a weight gainer, keep in mind this is from the high influx of carbohydrates (which carry extra water molecules into the body) as well as the creatine. Give it a week or two and you should see this water retention leave the body.

Weight gainers are high-calorie supplements promoted to help you pack on the muscle. They contain varying amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat, plus vitamins, minerals, individual amino acids and other supplements such as creatine. Typically, they are mixed with water or milk and consumed before or after a workout. Not only will you no longer need a straight protein powder (unless you also plan on using lower calorie protein shakes as well), but many weight gainers come complete with creatine as well, eliminating the need to buy this product separately.

Weight gainers offer different calorie levels

Weight gainers are available in the market in a variety of different calorie levels, be sure to take an appropriate one according to your requirement. There is a big difference between a four hundred calorie weight gainer and a nine hundred calorie weight gainer when taken on a daily basis over the course of a week. If you overshoot the calorie intake of the weight gainer you may find that you do start putting on fat mass, which is something most guys do aim to limit. If you consume more than the required amount, you might find that you do start putting on fat mass, which is something that most of the boys target to limit. Select according to your requirement so that can get the positive results.

Always error on the conservative side when first start out with a weight gainer as well so that you can be sure it reacts positively with your system. Those who really struggle to build mass can venture into the higher calorie formulas, while most men do well with a four hundred to six hundred calorie variety. Those who are quite susceptible to indigestion or taking in larger volumes of calories at once may struggle with the higher calorie powders so work your way up to the larger calorie levels.

Weight gainers enhance recovery rates with L-Glutamine

Recovering from workout to workout is just as important, if not more important, than what you’re doing in the gym, so if you aren’t taking in an optimal amount of calories, you won’t be guaranteeing your recovery rates. Adding a weight gainer to your supplement mix enhances recovery rates you’ll have with it. Most weight gainers pack in some l-glutamine, which is a particular amino acid that really plays a large role in a speedy recovery. L-Glutamine will also work to support a healthy immune system, decreasing the risk that you have to miss out on your training sessions because of illness.


Bottom line is, weight gainers, the good ones, do work. So be sure you keep these points in mind. Pre-made weight gainers are great, too. For a higher quality ingredient shake, consider making your own. Standard ingredients include: milk, whey/casein, peanut butter, fruit, and oatmeal.